The truth behind what transpired during the Tarok endorsement of Sen. Victor Mainasara

The truth behind what transpired during the Tarok endorsement of Sen. Victor Mainasara Lar

Sen. Victor mainasara Lar replies innuendos and conjectures

You are right, leadership demands that he returns to the platform with further explanation.

‘Tension’ is too strong a word to use. Why would any body be ‘tensed up’ because a particular person, and not the other is ‘endorsed’?To start with, let us explain that the post was not authored by ” Sen, Victor Mainasara Lar”.
As somebody who ‘wrote an exam and was alleged to have come tops’, he just got excited and decided to ‘share’ the news with his contacts. Failure to do so would have implied that the whole ‘endorsement was a fluke’! If it was true, why is he (victor lar not celebrating ‘? Some would have reasoned!

Please, let me put the records straight

All the aspirants, including his humble self signed an undertaking that they would accept the ‘choice ‘ of the committee. That they would support the person but that the ‘winner’ would ‘carry every other aspirants along’

A prototype form, listing all the names of the aspirants and providing three space for one to start by nominating himself and two others was shared to all aspirants.

He signed the forms and returned same without nominating anybody, and expressed his objection to the use of the form as the means of selecting the right aspirant on the grounds that non -P.D.P aspirants, who had already secured their tickets on other party platforms also participated and voted too.! They ordinarily, would never have been delegates with voting rights in a purely P.D.P affair! More so, he expressly stated that the committee, if it was limiting itself to the use of the forms as a means of making her choice, was at liberty to do without him; and he would be bound by their decision. ! He was assured that the form was not the only modus operandi the committee would use! Various means.

nos (from 1-7) were written for the aspirants to randomly pick. The number one picked determined the person’s turn to appear before the committee. Victor Lar picked no at then, there were 7 of them. He was therefore, the last person to appear before the committee.

They appeared before the committee to present their programs and manifesto. They were given an average of 15 to 30 minutes.

All that Victor Lar forwarded was the report of the committee which had already been deliberated upon and adopted!
It would interest you to note that the ‘after thought of taking the first 3 was allegedly based on the frivolous and vindictive ‘thought that the person chosen might not have the financial wherewithal to prosecute the election ‘! Again, you would clearly see that there is an indecent rush to change the goal post in the middle of the match! It was never in the committee’s terms of reference to look at the financial capacities of aspirants!

What has happened is comparable to a situation where one wrote an entrance examination to a school . admission is based on marks scored. If you were in his shoes and had written the exams and scored the highest marks, would you ,even out of excitement ,not have shared the result with your family members? Would it not be natural for this student who obtained the highest marks to conclude that he was inexorably admitted?

Endorsement of the candidate, was to be without question It would look like there was a ‘preferred candidate’ whom,the committee report did not favour hence, this dishonorable attempts at ‘smuggling’ him through the window!

(In a nutshell, an examination was prescribed as a means of gaining admission. students presented themselves for the exams. The results where published. It is curious and interesting that the student who scored the highest marks is being accused of wrongly celebrating his ‘admission’!

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